Fitzgerald: Dirt Farmer

With mud season under way throughout Vermont, farmers are eagerly preparing for outdoor field plantings. Kara Fitzgerald, co-owner of Evening Song Farm in Cuttingsville, says managing erosion is a key part of running a commercial farm.

Stoddard: Rick Peyser

Vermont is home to a remarkable number of people doing positive work in businesses and non-profits around the globe. Fran Stoddard has been taking note of some of these innovators as they bring the best of Vermont to international development – like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Rick Peyser.

Woolf: Bottle Ban

Commentator and UVM economist Art Woolf has been considering a recent policy initiative on his campus and he’s wondering exactly what it was designed to accomplish.

Schubart: EB-5

Commentator Bill Schubart has been watching Vermont’s deployment of the federal EB-5 program in Northern Vermont and, while he admires its projected economic impact, he wonders about its broader strategy in enriching America.

Luskin: Some Came By Ship

Deborah Luskin is celebrating Passover this week. And she says the story of Exodus is one demonstration of how many different people have fled their homelands in search of religious and political freedom and economic opportunity in America.

Martin: Guns in Schools

And now we turn to our Sunday Essay.  Mike Martin was shocked to learn that some staff members in the Montpelier School District will be carrying guns to school. But this turns out to be Montpelier, Ohio. The principal of Vermont’s Montpelier High School told him they’ll be taking a different approach here, one that focuses on community and common sense.