Kathryn Stearns: Frances Parkinson Keyes

Kathryn Stearns, whose newspaper career began in Washington, finds a kindred spirit in Frances Parkinson Keyes, who left her home in the Upper Valley to write about the social scene in the nation’s capital at a pivotal time for women’s rights.

Labun Jordan: Collective Culture

Helen Labun Jordan recalls that when she was a kid, everyone had the same short list of radio stations to listen to, and watched the three TV networks, or PBS, in prime time. Now, there are limitless choices – and some people are wondering whether that’s the end of shared popular culture.

Luskin: Towers

For years, Deborah Luskin has been listening to her neighbors complain about the near total lack of cell service in her town; now that there are proposals to bring two towers to Newfane, she’s been listening to neighbors complain about what they’ll look like.