Douglas: Republican Revival

There’s been a lot of soul-searching by Republicans following the recent presidential election. Many ideas are being advanced on how the GOP can rebuild. Jim Douglas, a long-time Republican officeholder, has some thoughts on the subject.

Mnookin: Two Moms

Parenthood is full of challenges and triumphs. Abigail Mnookin, who lives with her wife and their daughter in Brattleboro, has been reflecting on some of the advantages of being one of two moms.

Slayton: UVM’s Billings Library

Perhaps the most distinguished piece of architecture on the campus of the University of Vermont is the Billings Library, which sits atop university hill in Burlington. Tom Slayton spent many hours there as a UVM undergraduate, and has these observations on the University’s plans for the building.

Schubart: The New Narcissism

Bill Schubart is intrigued by how political polarization is read in the spectrum of liberal and conservative views when both labels seem to be losing their meaning. He notes that the increasingly strident polarization may be between self-interest and the interest of the community.