Stoddard: Rick Peyser

Vermont is home to a remarkable number of people doing positive work in businesses and non-profits around the globe. Fran Stoddard has been taking note of some of these innovators as they bring the best of Vermont to international development – like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Rick Peyser.

Stoddard: Global Vermonter, Ann Martin

Fran Stoddard has been taking note of a remarkable number of innovators in business and non profit ventures who make Vermont their home. They bring the best of Vermont to international development. Project Harmony International’s Ann Martin is one of them.

Future of Health Care

What does the future of health care look like for Vermont and the country? We discuss the University of Vermont’s George D. Aiken Lecture, Future of Health and Wellness, delivered by former Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher. Our guests are Peter Hofstetter, CEO of Northwestern Medical Center; Betty Rambur, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences at UVM; and Dr. Scott Luria, primary care internist at Fletcher Allen. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Annual Weather Program

VPR’s Eye On The Sky Guys – Mark Breen, Chris Bouchard and Steve Maleski – talk about huge storms, precise forecasts and a winter of weird weather. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Future of Vermont’s Landscape

What does the future hold for Vermont’s changing landscape? We’ll discuss the University of Vermont’s George D. Aiken Lecture Hands on the Land. Fran Stoddard’s guests are historic preservation expert Bob McCullough and geomorphologist Paul Bierman. They’ll discuss Jan Albers’ and Darby Bradley’s talk on the history and future of Vermont’s landscape.


Poverty is a social crisis that has been hidden from view. Our guests are Hal Colston of Neighbor Keepers and Gretchen Morse of the United Way. We look at the reasons people fall into poverty, and ways communities can lend support. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Elite Ski Academies

Vermont’s ski academies are filled with teens who dream of making it. We talk with Olympian Doug Lewis and Sverre Caldwell: Nordic head coach and former headmaster at Stratton Mountain School about developing a talented skier into an international competitor. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Population Media Center

Education around social and health issues is a challenge for many developing countries. A Vermont-based organization is making progress with an unusual approach: using entertainment to change behavior. We talk with Bill Ryerson, director of the Population Media Center. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.

Art & Community

Art centers are cropping up in small towns throughout Vermont and supporters say their impact extends beyond artists. We discuss the arts and what they mean to our communities. Guests are Sue Higby, executive director of Studio Place Arts in Barre and Bill Botzow, artist and former chair of the Vermont Arts Council. Hosted by Fran Stoddard.