Parini: The Christmas Story

As Christmas arrives once again, Jay Parini remembers hearing the Christmas story read by his father, and he reflects on the meaning of this birthday, two thousand years ago, and its continuing resonance for more than two billion people around the world.

Parini: James Marsh

The arrival of a new president at UVM has Jay Parini thinking back to one of its greatest presidents, James Marsh, an important philosopher in his time and a Founding Father of American Transcendentalism.

Parini: Marriage Rights

President Obama endorsed gay marriage on Wednesday. But what got Jay Parini thinking about the topic was how North Carolina voters dealt with what he considers a civil rights issue.

Parini: Bombing Iran

Commentator Jay Parini is a poet, novelist, and Professor of English & Creative Writing at Middlebury College. As the world – especially Israel – begins to worry in earnest about Iran’s nuclear capabilities, he’s started thinking about the consequences of invading yet another country in the Middle East.

Parini: Know Nothing Legacy

Given the recent gaffes of presidential candidates and lack of effective action in Congress, commentator Jay Parini has been wondering if, indeed, it really matters what our leaders think or say.