Schubart: The New Narcissism

Bill Schubart is intrigued by how political polarization is read in the spectrum of liberal and conservative views when both labels seem to be losing their meaning. He notes that the increasingly strident polarization may be between self-interest and the interest of the community.

Schubart: EB-5

Commentator Bill Schubart has been watching Vermont’s deployment of the federal EB-5 program in Northern Vermont and, while he admires its projected economic impact, he wonders about its broader strategy in enriching America.

Schubart: Orthodoxy

Commentator Bill Schubart is dismayed by the persistence of orthodoxy in our churches, legislatures, and schools. He believes that we invest these orthodoxies with powers they don’t really have.

Schubart: Compete or Collaborate

Retired businessman Bill Schubart has volunteered since the age of 26 in the non-profit sector. In this commentary, he imagines the collaborative opportunities open to 26 Vermont’s colleges and universities in America’s shrinking student marketplace.

Schubart: Addiction

It’s the New Year and, like many of us, Bill Schubart is yet again dusting off a weight loss resolution. His first-hand experience with food addiction has him wondering, though, how pervasive the addiction phenomenon is in our over-consuming culture.

Schubart: Work

In spite of what his doctor tells him every year, Bill Schubart assiduously avoids exercise. He prefers to work hard outdoors and doesn’t miss the gym or its cost one bit.

Schubart: Higher Ed

Bill Schubart has been thinking about how we are going to restore educational excellence in our college and university systems and about the investment priorities of many institutions of higher learning as they compete for students who can afford their tuition.