Martin: Guns in Schools

And now we turn to our Sunday Essay.  Mike Martin was shocked to learn that some staff members in the Montpelier School District will be carrying guns to school. But this turns out to be Montpelier, Ohio. The principal of Vermont’s Montpelier High School told him they’ll be taking a different approach here, one that focuses on community and common sense.

Martin: Policy Metaphors

And now we turn to our Sunday Essay. With all the recent talk of the "fiscal cliff" and the "sequester", Mike Martin has been thinking about how language, and especially metaphors, shape the way we see things.

Martin: Freedom From Fear

As a teacher, Mike Martin has experienced first-hand the safety protocols schools have put in place since the Columbine shooting. Now, in the wake of Sandy Hook Elementary, he’s been wondering if more safety drills are really the answer.

Martin: Epiphany

In France, the Feast of the Epiphany celebrates the arrival of the magi and the discovery of Jesus.  Mike Martin has been reflecting on this quieter holiday – and also wondering what Jesus might think if he were around today.

Martin: Transforming School

Mike Martin has been thinking about the future of schools and is looking forward to the Rowland Foundation’s School Transformation Conference at UVM this week, where educators will consider the importance of innovation.

Martin: No Cell Phone

As cell phone ownership in U.S. has gone from roughly 3% of the population to more than 90% in a generation, Mike Martin has been thinking about a friend of his who still refuses to buy a cell phone and wonders how he must feel.

Martin: Bike Revolution

With so many cities around the world creating new bikeshare programs and bike lanes, Mike Martin has been wondering if the tension between drivers and bikers reflects a cultural change on the road.

Martin: Strauss-Kahn Scandal

The arrest of the Director of the International Monetary Fund for sexual assault of a New York chambermaid has caused heated debate on both sides of the Atlantic. Commentator Mike Martin wonders what we can learn from this international scandal.