Luskin: Some Came By Ship

Deborah Luskin is celebrating Passover this week. And she says the story of Exodus is one demonstration of how many different people have fled their homelands in search of religious and political freedom and economic opportunity in America.

Luskin: Towers

For years, Deborah Luskin has been listening to her neighbors complain about the near total lack of cell service in her town; now that there are proposals to bring two towers to Newfane, she’s been listening to neighbors complain about what they’ll look like.

Luskin: End of Life

As the new year dawns full of the promise of beginnings, Deborah Lee Luskin has been thinking about how modern medicine now requires us to consider how to bring a meaningful life to a dignified end.

Luskin: Medicare Revisited

Medicare was initially proposed as a national health insurance plan that would cover all Americans, not just seniors. Deborah Luskin thinks now’s the time to bring the original plan for universal coverage back.

Luskin: A+ Student

Deborah Lee Luskin is especially looking forward to the Brattleboro Literary Festival this year, because one of her former writing students will be there with his first book.