Northrop: Long Trail Reprise

Today we remember Bob Northrop, who died last week at 92. Northrop was a retired teacher who spent years working on civic causes ranging from the Vermont Electric Co-operative to the Long Trail. He recorded this essay about the Long Trail in 2003 as part of a series about notable ideas from leading Vermonters.

Kashmeri: Assault Weapons Ban

Recently, commentator Sarwar Kashmeri proposed that the Federal Government think about funding a billion dollar, ten-year, gun-buyback program to soak up as many of the 300 million firearms in America as possible. Now, he’d like to take that concept one step further.

Dunsmore: North Korean Threat

Tensions continue in Asia as North Korea responds angrily to new United Nations sanctions and the latest U.S./South Korean military exercises, with threats to attack South Korea – and America – with nuclear missiles. Barrie Dunsmore offers his analysis.

Henningsen: The Four Freedoms

In 1941 Franklin Roosevelt defined four essential human freedoms that Americans would enter World War II to defend. By 1943, they’d been forgotten. Vic Henningsen explains how, seventy years ago, a Vermont artist and his neighbors made the Four Freedoms an enduring American memory.