Dunsmore: North Korean Threat

Tensions continue in Asia as North Korea responds angrily to new United Nations sanctions and the latest U.S./South Korean military exercises, with threats to attack South Korea – and America – with nuclear missiles. Barrie Dunsmore offers his analysis.

Dunsmore: Middle East Trip

In two weeks time, President Barack Obama is scheduled to be in the Middle East and for the first time in his presidency, will be visiting Israel.  Barrie Dunsmore examines the importance of this presidential trip.

Dunsmore: World Islam

The resignation of the pope has raised the attention of the mass media on the Roman Catholic Church – for the moment. But it has also prompted Barrie Dunsmore to reflect on just how much more of a factor than Catholicism Islam has become in shaping events of our world.

Dunsmore: The Gatekeepers

When the Academy Awards are presented later this month, Barrie Dunsmore will be paying special attention to the documentary category. This morning he tells us why one particular film in this group is attracting great international interest.

Dunsmore: Israeli Elections

This week’s Israeli election did not exactly meet expectations and has created considerable uncertainty about the future direction of the country. Veteran ABC News foreign correspondent Barrie Dunsmore has been examining possible consequences of the vote.

Dunsmore: The Hagel Nomination

President Barack Obama’s nomination of former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to be secretary of defense, will face stiff opposition in his upcoming senate confirmation hearings. This morning Barrie Dunsmore examines the reasons behind that opposition.

Dunsmore: Syrian Update

The American decision to formally recognize a coalition of Syrian opposition groups as the legitimate representatives of the Syrian people, is seen by critics here and abroad as too little, too late. But Barrie Dunsmore says we should see Washington’s great caution over involvement in the Syrian revolution as the new normal

Dunsmore: The Real Lincoln

Nearly every American knows that during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War was fought and won by the North, the slaves were freed and Lincoln was assassinated. But as Barrie Dunsmore tells us this morning, Americans who wish to know more about their country’s greatest president will be well served by going to see the new motion picture "Lincoln."

Dunsmore: Filibuster

By a wide margin Americans believed the last United States Congress was dysfunctional. Now many voters are concerned that last week’s election didn’t do much to alter that partisan gridlock. However, as Barrie Dunsmore explains, there is a revision of senate rules being contemplated that could make the next Congress quite different.