Kittredge: Dairy Dilemma

Vermont dairy farmers are at their busiest this time of year, planting corn, cutting hay and dodging thunderstorms. But Susan Cooke Kittredge finds a disquieting reality nestled in this bucolic landscape of lush hills and valleys.

Kittredge: The Prayer Rug

Ash Wednesday , the beginning of Lent, was last week. It was also the day that minister and commentator Susan Cooke Kittredge had some things put in perspective for her – by a domestic accident that will sound familiar to many of us.

Kittredge: Breaking Glass

Caring for the environment and lowering one’s carbon footprint can often seem to be mainly concerned with the consumption of resources and the use of material objects – but commentator Susan Cooke Kittredge sees connections with our personal relationships as well.