Henningsen: The Four Freedoms

In 1941 Franklin Roosevelt defined four essential human freedoms that Americans would enter World War II to defend. By 1943, they’d been forgotten. Vic Henningsen explains how, seventy years ago, a Vermont artist and his neighbors made the Four Freedoms an enduring American memory.

Henningsen: Second Term Curse

President Obama  achieved a great victory last November, but if history is any guide, that victory gave him more of a challenge than a mandate. Vic Henningsen considers why presidential second acts are often more notable for misfortune than accomplishment.

Henningsen: A Clear Choice

Both the candidates and the media have billed this Presidential election as a clear choice between two visions of the role of government in the lives of individual Americans. Vic Henningsen looks back to a similar set of circumstances – one hundred years ago.

Henningsen: Zombie Congress

Congressional leaders are already looking past November’s election to the challenge of what’s been called "Taxmaggedon" after January 1st. But it will be a lame duck Congress and if there’s any hope of avoiding going over the "fiscal cliff", Vic Henningsen says they’ll have to depend on zombies.