Douglas: Republican Revival

There’s been a lot of soul-searching by Republicans following the recent presidential election. Many ideas are being advanced on how the GOP can rebuild. Jim Douglas, a long-time Republican officeholder, has some thoughts on the subject.

Douglas: Facing Facts

Many voters don’t feel satisfied with the campaign now underway, especially at the national level. That includes Jim Douglas, who was himself involved in the process for many years.

Douglas: Rising Cost Of College

As the academic year comes to a close, many graduates will be heading for an uncertain future. One thing that’s all too certain, though, is the debt that many will be presented along with their diplomas. Jim Douglas has some thoughts on the cost of a college degree.

Douglas: Campaign Lawsuit

In the wake of a Presidential visit to Vermont, our attention is increasingly focused on the upcoming campaign. Jim Douglas explains, though, that there is at least one matter still pending from the 2010 election season.

Douglas: Education Appointment

One of the issues currently being debated in Montpelier is whether or not the Commissioner of Ed should be appointed by the Governor – and be a member of the Governor’s cabinet.  As a former governor himself, commentator Jim Douglas offers his perspective.