Labun Jordan: Collective Culture

Helen Labun Jordan recalls that when she was a kid, everyone had the same short list of radio stations to listen to, and watched the three TV networks, or PBS, in prime time. Now, there are limitless choices – and some people are wondering whether that’s the end of shared popular culture.

Labun Jordan: Old School

New technologies are replacing some basic skills, like how to use a fax machine or keep a record player from skipping. As Helen Labun Jordan watches her ability to do things like write cursive fall out of fashion, she’s also noticing how these changes force us to re-examine what underlying value old skills might have.

Labun Jordan: Rules Of Reading

In her work at e-Vermont, Helen Labun Jordan reads and writes quite a bit, but recently she decided to pursue a writing degree – and while she’s enjoying the experience, it’s made her start to wonder about the future of hobbies.

Labun Jordan: Cyber Love

When social networks are something you have online, and side-by-side texting replaces conversation, it seems as if there’s little hope for personal communications in the modern age. But Commentator Helen Labun Jordan has a more optimistic perspective.