Garret Keizer Looks At The State Of Privacy

Terrorism, technology and the Patriot Act are just three causes for a reduction in our level of privacy. Author Garret Keizer discusses how views on privacy differ across social, political and cultural lines, we get an update on the threat of “bath salts” and we learn how to bowl a cricket ball.

Public Photography & Privacy

VPR’s Jane Lindholm talks with author Frederick Lane and photographer Jerry Swope about the social mores of photographing people in public, and the extent to which individuals can control how and where they are photographed.

Privacy In Public Spaces

We discuss the ubiquity of cameras in public spaces, and the social and legal limits of being photographed in public. Also, what a New York regulatory decision means for Entergy’s plan to spin off the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

The History Of Personal Privacy

Just how private are our individual lives?  How has our relationship with privacy changed through history?  We talk issues of privacy with author Frederick Lane.  Also, we hear from seniors who are writing their memoirs.

Court Records Online

Proponents of a bill at the Statehouse say that some records, particularly those related to family court proceedings, could be abused if they were available online, as opposed to paper records. We look at the public’s right to know and the individual’s right to privacy in the era of digital court records. Also, New Hampshire’s anti-tax stance might be eroding, and we hear about newly discovered letters from the Cornish, New Hampshire, painter Maxfield Parrish.

Interview: Dick Saudek on NSA phone record lawsuit

Here’s an update on a story about privacy and whether thousands of people around the country including Vermonters had their private phone records handed over to the National Security Agency as part of the Bush administration’s warrant-less surveillance program. Vermont and other states have sued to find out if private phone records were divulged by telecommunications companies like At&T and Verizon.