Down By The Waterside

Last week the House passed a bill which would require all new construction within 250 feet of a lake shoreline to get a permit. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of lake-shore development restrictions.

Alzheimer’s in the Family

If you knew you were going to get Alzheimer’s disease, how would you live your life differently? What would you want your family and loved ones to do when you no longer remembered them? We’ll talk with Nancy Bercaw, author of a new memoir about dealing with Alzheimer’s in the family.

Legislative Preview: April 1, 2013

It will be a lot quieter in the Statehouse this week. Over the past couple of weeks, the House and Senate spent many hours on the floor pushing priorities through one chamber or the other. Now it’s back to committees again and some of the issues may sound pretty familiar. The Senate Appropriations Committee tackles the budget, for one. And legislators will also deal with unfinished business from Town Meeting Day