Garret Keizer Looks At The State Of Privacy

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Terrorism, technology and the Patriot Act are just three causes for a reduction in the level of privacy that Americans now enjoy. So have we willingly given abandoned our need and desire to maintain a certain level for privacy? Or has our interest just been temporarily relaxed in the post-9-11 digital age?

Author Garret Keizer’s new book “Privacy” looks at how we now define it and whether it has become obsolete. He discusses how views on privacy differ across social, political and cultural lines.

Also on the program, several recent deaths have been tied to synthetic drugs as “bath salts.” Barre City Police Chief Tim Bombardier discusses why these and other products such as “plant food,” “potpourri” and “lady bug attractant” can be so dangerous and at what steps the state has taken to ban them.

Plus, as part of our Summer School Series, Salman Kahn of the Chittenden County Cricket Club instructs us on how to bowl a cricket ball.

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