Courts Weigh Computer Privacy Rights

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Our lives are stored on our laptops:  correspondence, medical records, photos and passwords. And increasingly, this information is also being stored in the ‘cloud’ and on hand held devices.

Do the authorities at airports and border crossings have the right to to search through all that information if we’re traveling with a computer or smart phone? 

How specific or far-reaching should the warrant be that allows police to search our digital information? 

That question is being addressed in a case currently before the Vermont Supreme Court.

We talk about how far into the digital domain our privacy rights extend,
with Norwich University professor Mich Kabay who specializes in information security policy and Jennifer Granick, an attorney who deals with computer security law at ZwillGen PLLC in San Francisco.

Also field biologist Eric Hanson with the Vermont Center for Ecostudies who manages the state’s loon recovery program, tells us about the annual loon census this weekend and how the state’s loons are faring.

Finally, A Vermont Edition Summer School lesson on how to throw a boomerang.  John Flynn of Hartford has thrown some ‘good booms’ as a member of world champion boomerang teams.


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