Congolese Man Teaches Dance And Music Of His Native Culture

The Vermont Folklife Center’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program has been focused on helping Vermont’s immigrant communities preserve the traditions of their home countries. For one Congolese man, that’s meant teaching young people the dance and music of their native culture

State Releases Irene Recovery Report

A new report says report it’s likely that by the second anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene in August, much of the recovery work will be finished and the focus will shift to preparing for the next disaster.

Philanthropist, Businessman And Hiker Bob Northrop Dies At 92

Bob Northrop devoted his life to support a variety of Vermont institutions.  He was best known for his efforts to protect the Long Trail. Northrup hiked the trail end to end many times over the years, most notably in 2001 at the age of 80. Northrup died this weekend at his home in Underhill.  He was 92.