Privacy In Public Spaces

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Walk through your downtown, and you’re likely to see someone snapping pictures, maybe an amateur photographer with high-end camera or a tourist with a cell phone. But do you have a say in whether you can be the subject of that photograph?

We discuss the legal and social questions of how much privacy we can expect in public spaces, from security cameras to private citizens taking photographs. We’ll talk about the social mores of photographing people in public, and the extent to which individuals can control how and where they are photographed. The issue has become a controversial one since an incident on Church Street that put a photographer at odds with the subjects of his photographs. Our guest is Frederick Lane, author of American Privacy. Listen  (Read and post your comments on this topic below.)

Also in the program, New York regulators have said ‘no’ to a plan by the Entergy Corporation to spin off five of its nuclear power plants into a new company. As VPR’s John Dillon explains, the decision adds more doubt to the future of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Listen

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