Court Records Online

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The Vermont Senate easily passed a bill last week that would prohibit
the state from putting certain court records online. Proponents say that
some records, particularly those related to family court proceedings,
could abused easily if they were online, as opposed to paper records
which would remain available for public access. We look at the public’s
right to know and the individual’s right to privacy in the era of
digital court records.

Also in the program, could New Hampshire’s firm stance against sales and
income taxes be eroding? John Gregg of the Valley News analyzes the
results of New Hampshire Town Meeting votes on the question of whether
the state’s politicians need to be anti-tax. (Listen)

 And we go inside the
private life of artist Maxfield Parrish. Newly discovered letters reveal
an unknown story in the life of the Cornish, New Hampshire, painter. (Listen)

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