State Expands Ban On Bath Salts

The state of Vermont has issued an emergency rule to further crack down on drugs known as bath salts. Gov. Peter Shumlin said Thursday that Vermont has been outlawing bath salts based on chemical composition as they hit the market, but dealers simply add new chemicals to avoid current laws.

Garret Keizer Looks At The State Of Privacy

Terrorism, technology and the Patriot Act are just three causes for a reduction in our level of privacy. Author Garret Keizer discusses how views on privacy differ across social, political and cultural lines, we get an update on the threat of “bath salts” and we learn how to bowl a cricket ball.

Police Confirm Vermont’s First Death From Bath Salts

An autopsy has determined that the death of 28-year-old Christopher Tsacoyeanes was caused by an overdose of a variety of drugs commonly known as bath salts. The office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined the death was accidental substance abuse.

Vermont Bans New Designer Drug

The Shumlin administration has banned a new designer drug that’s referred to as "bath salts." It’s sold in drug stores, and carries a disclaimer that it’s not appropriate for human consumption. But the bath salts can be snorted, injected or mixed with foods or drinks and cause a variety of symptoms that include suicidal impulses.