Garret Keizer Looks At The State Of Privacy

Terrorism, technology and the Patriot Act are just three causes for a reduction in our level of privacy. Author Garret Keizer discusses how views on privacy differ across social, political and cultural lines, we get an update on the threat of “bath salts” and we learn how to bowl a cricket ball.

Electronic Waste: New Products, Old Problem

Think back to the number of cell phones you’ve gone through over the last 10 years or so. That’s just a tiny fraction of the electronic waste Vermonters throw out each year. The state has just concluded its first year of an electronics recycling program, and diverted 4.8 million pounds of electronic waste from landfills into a recycling program.

Communities Coping With Violence

We look at the effect violent crime has on rural communities and how they can rebound, discuss how dairy farmers are deciding whether to accept money from a class action lawsuit and learn to make a refreshing seasonal cocktail.

Hospital Looks Toward Next Transition

Fletcher Allen Health Care was rocked by financial scandal less than a decade ago, and as it emerged from that cloud Dr. Melinda Estes was named CEO. After eight years, she steps down this month and we look back on how FAHC has changed during her tenure.