Canadian Media Predict Harper Majority

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper won his coveted majority government in elections that changed Canada’s political landscape with the opposition Liberals and Quebec separatists suffering a shattering defeat.

Canadian Government Falls In No-Confidence Vote Against Harper

Canadian opposition parties toppled Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government in a no confidence vote Friday, triggering the country’s fourth election in seven years. The opposition parties held the Conservative government in contempt of Parliament in a 156-145 vote for failing to disclose the full financial details of his tougher crime legislation, corporate tax cuts and plans to purchase stealth fighter jets.

VT Edition: Canada in 2009

VPR’s Steve Zind talks with Dr. Paul Martin, Director of the University of Vermont’s Canadian Studies Program and Jeffrey Ayres and Chair of the Political Science Department from St. Michaels College about top Canadian news stories of 2009.