Outcome Uncertain As Canadians Head To The Polls

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(Host) Canadians are headed to the polls today for a federal election.

Going into the election, polling continues to change daily in favor of the New Democratic Party, leading to the possibility that that party will form the official opposition.

Most analysts say that the conservatives lead by Stephen Harper will form another minority government. St. Michael’s College political scientist Jeff Ayres says it’s the way the opposition has switched places that everyone is astounded by:

(Ayres) "If the surge continues through today, and the NDP continues to gain support into the voting booth, and if the NDP and the liberals got together to get enough seats, over 155 seats, then it does raise a scenario that very quickly, there could be a vote of no confidence against Harper’s minority government."

(Host) Ayres says that means the liberals and the NDP could form a coalition government very soon, but Ayres says the outcome in Canada is still very up in the air as Canadians head into the polls today.

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