The State Of The State’s Downtowns

We look at what tools are at the disposal of Vermont’s downtowns and village centers and the challenges they’re facing. Also, we get some insight into the controversy over Greg Mortenson’s work in Afghanistan. Plus, we hear about Poultney’s audio walking and driving tours.

Body Of U.S. Marine Is Back Home In Vermont

A motorcade carried the body of Cpl. Ian Muller, of North Danville, from the Burlington International Airport to St. Johnsbury, along roads lined with people paying their respects. The 22 year old was killed in combat last week in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

Progressives Oppose Human Service Cuts

There are 180 members of the Vermont Legislature, and only 7 of them represent the Progressive Party. But despite their small caucus, the Progressives want to make an impact on how the state closes the $176 million budget deficit.