VPR Presents Colman McCarthy

Journalist and peace activist Colman McCarthy says Americans know a lot about war history, but comparatively little about peace history.

Millennial Writers On Stage

Millennial Writers On Stage featured the works of 15 writers from throughout Vermont. VPR’s Reuben Jackson joined Robin Fawcett of the Young Writers Project in hosting the event.

VPR Presents Joel Najman On Darlene Love

You’ve heard Darlene Love in the hit songs "He’s A Rebel" and "Da Doo Ron Ron," but did you know she sang back-up for Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley and many other hit songs?

VPR Presents ‘Imagination’

In VPR Presents Imagination, artists and visionaries participate in a lively discussion about the value of imagination, creativity, and innovation in today’s world.

VPR Presents Henry Paulson

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson speaks at Dartmouth College about the lessons of the financial crisis and analyzes the current economy.