State Releases Irene Recovery Report

A new report says report it’s likely that by the second anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene in August, much of the recovery work will be finished and the focus will shift to preparing for the next disaster.

Lawmakers Look To Soften Irene’s Financial Blow

Job losses in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene were in many cases temporary, lasting only as long as it took businesses to repair damage from the flood. The financial impact of those layoffs has been more lasting, but lawmakers may have found a way to soften the blow.

FEMA Maps Central To Buy-Out Denials

More than 100 Vermont families lost their homes in Tropical Storm Irene. At least six had houses that were destroyed by the flood, but were deemed ineligible for a FEMA buy-back program because of where they appear on FEMA’s maps.

Vt. Officials Hope For More FEMA Culvert Help

Vermont officials are hoping a decision by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cover the cost of replacing a culvert in Townshend destroyed by flooding from Tropical Storm Irene means more towns will be eligible for similar funding.

Guarding Mobile Homes Against Floods Still Difficult

In 2011, floods in the spring, and Tropical Storm Irene later that year destroyed more than 150 mobile homes and damaged hundreds of others. A meeting in Burlington Friday took stock of long term efforts to minimize future storm damage at mobile home parks.