FEMA Maps Central To Buy-Out Denials

More than 100 Vermont families lost their homes in Tropical Storm Irene. At least six had houses that were destroyed by the flood, but were deemed ineligible for a FEMA buy-back program because of where they appear on FEMA’s maps.

In Vermont, Sandy Is No Irene

Vermonters who lived through the worst of Irene got prepared for Sandy. Generators sold out quickly and people settled in for whatever nature dished out. Irene survivors in southern Vermont say they’ve emerged from the storm much better than they had feared.

Jamaica Declines To Seek Buyout For Second Homeowner

The hazard mitigation home buyout program is designed to buy and remove flood-damaged properties to reduce future hazards.  So far, FEMA has approved the buy-out of 78 homes, 14 of which are second homes. But one hard-hit town has decided not to apply on behalf of second homeowners.