State Says It Will Buy Out Homes Deemed Ineligible By FEMA

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The state of Vermont announced Tuesday that it will cover 75 percent of the cost of buying out homes that FEMA has deemed ineligible for a federal buy-out.

The funding comes from the federal Community Development Block Grant Fund.

In addition to covering three quarters of the cost of destroyed homes rejected by FEMA, the state announced the Stratton Foundation has a total of $80,000 to contribute to buy-out four homeowners in Jamaica whose homes washed away. 

"We have worked together with the Stratton Foundation and others to assure that we get them the resources that they need to buy-out those homes so they can move on with their lives, said Governor Peter Shumlin. "They’ve waited long enough."

One of the homeowners from Jamaica, Karin Hardy, says she’s been in tears since she got the news. She says it will be a joy to fill out the paperwork for the buyout.

These buyouts are expected to take several months.

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