McCallum: Steeples

In winter, Vermonters can see further across the stark landscape, noticing things that are less visible with foliage on the trees. Mary McCallum says it offers a better view of an architectural detail that serves as a beacon to travelers and churchgoers alike.

How To Train A Video Game Designer

Every time there’s a national tragedy involving guns, there often follows a conversation about violence and video games. We talk with professors from Champlain College about how they teach the next generation of video game designers and how they think about the role of violence in games.

Burlington Residents Want To Buy Burlington Telecom

A group of concerned residents in Burlington wants to create a co-operative to buy the city’s embattled telecommunications utility. The grassroots idea comes as city officials are hoping to settle a federal lawsuit aimed at reclaiming taxpayer money from the municipally-owned Burlington Telecom.

OK Computer: Vermont’s IT Challenges

Vermont’s court system and Department of Motor Vehicles have spent nearly $20 million on computer systems that do not work. We’ll explore why there have been so many failures in the state’s efforts to modernize its technology systems.

Greene: Unplugged

The Climate Change Conference in Qatar – coming as it does in the destructive wake of Hurricane Sandy – has gotten Stephanie Greene thinking about our dependence on electricity.