Human Services Budget Faces $44M In Cuts

The Agency of Human Services will have to contend with some of the biggest policy and financial challenges facing the state. Agency Secretary Doug Racine is our guest on Vermont Edition to discuss how he’ll manage these services in the face of $44 million in budget cuts.

Candidates Hit The Trail In Rutland

The Governor’s race has already heated up despite the start of the statewide recount today. Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie spent the last 26 hours visiting 10 counties in the state.   Meanwhile the democrats are continuing their five candidate unity tour.   

Campaign Roundup: Candidates Hit The Road

Candidates in this month’s primary election are working hard to capture voters’ attention. One of their tried-and-true techniques is to tour the state on a theme, essentially giving the same speech in different towns.

Gubernatorial Candidate Doug Racine

Democratic candidate for Governor Doug Racine discusses his priorities for the state.  Plus, Valley News reporter John Gregg examines why New Hampshire Republicans believe they’re in a strong position this year.  And Summer School continues with a lesson in orienteering.