Voices In The Week’s News: June 25, 2010

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As the gubernatorial race heated up, the Progressive Party said it could support a Democrat, Susan Bartlett called for re-structuring state government and marijuana became an issue, Peter Welch pushed for campaign finance reform, the state felt an earthquake and we learned how to throw a curve ball from former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Vermont’s Progressive Party Likely To Support Democrat For Governor 

(Morgan Daybell, executive director, Vermont Progressive Party ) "Looking at the landscape now, the most important thing is to unite and make sure that we give someone the best opportunity to beat Brian Dubie."

Bartlett Supports Re-structuring State Government 

(Democratic gubernatorial candidate Susan Bartlett) "We need to change how we are delivering services we can’t keep doing things the same way there needs to be a significant structural change this isn’t about efficiencies this is about significant structural change."

Marijuana Becomes Issue In Governor’s Race

(Moderator Peter Mallary) "Do you support the legalization of marijuana?"

(Senate president Peter Shumlin) “I do support the decriminalization of marijuana. I have sponsored that bill continuously in my legislative career. And I am not running from my record. I will get tough things done."

(Democratic gubernatorial candidate Doug Racine) “The thing that scares me about the discussion of marijuana isn’t recreational use by adults. What scares me is when I hear stories of 14 and 15 year olds who are getting access to highly potent marijuana and are smoking it on their way to school in the morning.”

Welch Urges Congress To Pass Campaign Finance Reform  

(Congressman Peter Welch) "There’s already a lack of confidence and credibility among a lot of people about the political process. But if you can have cynical ads that are sponsored by polluters saying that they’re environmentalists that’s just going to make people even more wary."

Interview: State Geologist Larry Becker On Today’s Earthquake

(State Geologist Larry Becker) “I was sitting in an office chair that was shaking back and forth and it never happened before and we heard some rattling upstairs. I certainly felt it myself and then the calls started coming in.”

Summer School: How To Throw A Curve Ball

(Former Red Sox pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee) “The perfect curveball is a ball, that’s a ball, that’s a ball, that’s a ball, and right when it enters the strike zone, the catcher catches it on the corner. It’s a strike.”

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