Democrats Consider Party’s Future

Former Governor Howard Dean joins Ari Berman, author of Herding Donkeys to discuss the election strategy Dean championed as a presidential candidate and chair of the party, and how that approach has played out in the Obama years. Also, a round-up of wind energy projects in the state.

Debate: Democratic Lt. Gov. Candidates

The open lieutenant governor’s seat has attracted candidates from all three of Vermont’s major political parties. Wednesday on Vermont Edition, a debate between the two Democrats running for lieutenant governor: Steve Howard of Rutland and Chris Bray of New Haven.

VT Democrats Refuse Campaign Contributions From Entergy

Vermont Republicans and Democrats have a different philosophy when it comes to campaign contributions from energy companies. Democrats have refused to accept money from the owner of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. But they did benefit from contributions from a developer of a wind project.

Progressives prepare for 2010 gov’s race

Vermont’s Progressive Party says it would support a Democratic candidate for governor in 2010 if the candidate passes a litmus test on three issues. Bob Kinzel talks with Anthony Pollina about Democrats and Progressives getting behind one candidate. Also, political analysis with Eric Davis of Middlebury.