Democrats Consider Party’s Future

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The Democratic Party was severely wounded in the midterm elections, leaving its members and leaders to consider what the right strategy is for the future of the party. The debate over how the party should be led is similar to 2004, when Howard Dean’s insurgent presidential campaign surprised and rankled the party leadership. That story and the legacy of Howard Dean’s so-called ’50-state strategy’ is told in a new book by Ari Berman, Herding Donkeys: The Fight to Rebuild the Democratic Party and Reshape American Politics. We talk with Dean and Berman about the roles of grassroots organizing and establishment politics in defining the modern Democratic Party. We also also hear their thoughts on what lessons Democrats should take from the midterm elections.

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Also in the program, several wind projects are at various stages of proposal and development in Vermont. Environmental reporter Candace Page of the Burlington Free Press updates us on a few of them, and the regulatory and community hurdles they are trying to clear.


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