Leahy’s comments spark national media scrutiny

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Senator Patrick Leahy found himself under the media microscope today, after he urged Senator Hillary Clinton to drop out of the presidential race.

At a press conference this afternoon addressing homeland security, Leahy was peppered with questions about if and when Senator Clinton should drop out of the race.

Leahy responded by repeating his original assertion that continued Democratic infighting can only benefit the McCain campaign.

(Leahy) "This is nothing against Senator Clinton, certainly she’s qualified to be president, but I don’t see her as being the nominee just because of the way the numbers are going, and I think she may well want to consider what others who are running who are also qualified to be President, who stepped down, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, among others who stepped down."

(Host) Leahy also told reporters that he made the decision to support Barack Obama on his own, and that none of the presidential candidates solicited his endorsement.

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