Bill Would Protect Same-Sex, Bi-National Couples

More than a year after U.S. immigration authorities sought to split up a same-sex, bi-national couple living in Vermont, Sens. Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Susan Collins of Maine are pushing legislation to protect such couples.

Leahy Hopeful For Passage Of Gun Control Measures

Senator Patrick Leahy says he’s hopeful that Congress will pass a comprehensive package of gun control restrictions including ban the sale of semi automatic assault weapons, closing the gun show loophole for background checks and limiting the capacity of gun magazines.

After Leahy Rejects Appropriations Post, Will Federal Money Flow?

One of the most surprising political events of 2012 was Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy’s decision not to become chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee. Leahy is the Senate’s longest-serving member. In a system built on seniority, the Appropriations Committee chairmanship is usually considered the top prize.

Leahy Declines Powerful Appropriations Committee Chair

Sen. Patrick Leahy has decided not to become the chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee. Leahy is the longest serving member of the Senate. He says he decided to remain as chair of the Judiciary Committee, and maintain his seniority on Appropriations.