Symington believes most Vermonters horrified by Wall Street bail out plan

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(Host) Democratic candidate for governor Gaye Symington says she believes most Vermonters are horrified by the bailout plan for Wall Street. 

She says the plan would have drawn on funds that could have gone to schools, or to building plans for a new energy policy.

(Symington) "We are once again going to be, you know, mortgaging our own options and really diverting resources for clearly for lack of oversight.  I mean, this is just a classic case of the Republican…let the market prevail, it’ll take care of itself attitude, and the middle class pays the price, and it’s just to me, outrageous."

(Host) Symington says it was a lack of long-term planning that put the nation’s financial markets in such a risky position.

She praises the Vermont legislature for not following Governor Jim Douglas’ recommendation to sell the state lottery last year.

(Symington) "I can’t help but add, aren’t we glad that the legislature said, asked for some second opinions on the idea of selling a major state asset, the lottery, to a company, Lehman Brothers, that now no longer exists."

(Host) Symington says her idea for helping Vermont weather difficult financial times is to build the state’s economy around a new energy policy, and create opportunities for wind development.


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