Levin: Charlie Harper’s Art

There’s a new exhibit at the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich that features the works of world-class wildlife artist Charley Harper. Ted Levin says it’s wildlife art at it’s most entertaining.

Levin: Migrating Shorebirds

The calendar may say mid-September, but naturalist and commentator Ted Levin says that a significant segment of our feathered population has already ready been to the Arctic and back.

Levin: Rattler Rescue

Commentator and naturalist Ted Levin has been working on a new book about the intersection between timber rattlesnakes and their human neighbors – leading to some interesting encounters.

Levin: The Virginia Rail

As the region finds ways to cope with changes brought about by Tropical Storm Irene, commentator Ted Levin is reminded that sometimes, big weather events also rearrange little places.