Kittredge: Advent

All world religions have particular seasons that are dedicated to reflection and contemplation.  Commentator Susan Cooke Kittredge observes that  – in sharp contrast to the frantic drum roll to Christmas we are apt to experience – Advent is just such a time.

Kittredge: Late Night Ride

Every year we invite commentators to write on the same theme and share their essays at a brunch, which we record so we can feature a sampler of their efforts later on the air. This year the topic was "Picture This" and commentator Susan Cooke Kittredge offered a vivid account of a rather steamy, late night adventure.

Kittredge: Agent of Grace

Taking responsibility for one’s health has many facets, not the least of which is having an Advance Directive for Healthcare. Commentator Susan Cooke Kittredge has led workshops in helping people with these documents but was surprised at how much she learned when she acted as her mother’s agent at the end of her life.