Citro: The Man And The Moon

Commentator Joe Citro has been thinking about the beginning of Autumn and the gloriously full harvest moon. And that, in turn, has reminded him of a true story about that heavenly body – and a doctor from Bellows Falls.

Citro: Swamp Monsters

Legends and folktales often contain important bits of truth, as commentator Joe Citro illustrates, with a story he’s collected about a Vermont family and a terrifying monster.

Citro: Weird Woodstock

This time of year, Woodstock is full of summer visitors, but according to commentator Joe Citro, local lore has it that the town is also full of other kinds of visitations.  

H.P. Lovecraft

It’s nearly Halloween, and commentator Joe Citro has been thinking about one of New England’s writers of scary stories – not as well known as some perhaps, but one of the best.

Round Schoolhouse

Vermont has a good track record for preserving landmarks with historical significance, and commentator Joe Citro is happy to report that another small, but very unusual building in Southern Vermont is about to get some much needed care.