Hill House

Today Commentator Joe Citro joins us to talk about one of the scariest homes ever to be written about…but no one is quite sure where it is.

Griswold House

Ghost stories and legends often grow up around real-life events, and commentator Joe Citro has found a good example of that phenomenon in an old brick house in Williston.


Collectors of old, interesting *stuff* love to rummage through New England, looking for treasures. Collectors of old, interesting *stories* do too – like commentator Joe Citro.


Among his Halloween reflections, commentator Joe Citro has been thinking about a seventy-nine year-old mystery.

Tomb room

(HOST) As Halloween approaches, commentator Joe Citro has a scary story about that staple of the season – a haunted mansion.

Stone storm

We’re used to hearing about large hailstones falling during summer storms, but commentator Joe Citro says that many old stories tell of showers of rocks and other projectiles. And where they came from remains a mystery.

Mythical village

History books tell us a lot about the founders of New England, but today commentator Joe Citro recalls a founding father you may not have heard about.