Luskin: Remembering Irene

The Rock River has been destroying homes, bridges, roads and businesses in Williamsville and South Newfane ever since the villages were settled. Deborah Luskin lives on the Rock River, and she credits the river for something constructive, as well

Luskin: Feeding The Hungry

Debate in congress continues over the Farm Bill. And Deborah Luskin would like to see adjustments made to the military budget, in order to accommodate an increase in funding for nutritional support programs at home.

Luskin: A New Roof

Deborah Luskin has lived in Vermont long enough to know that summer is short and winter is long. This summer, she’s hoping summer’s long enough to install the new roof that will keep the snowmelt off her dining room table.

Luskin: Health Care for Grads

Deborah Lee Luskin thinks it’s right that we provide health care for our poor, disabled and aged populations. She’d just like to see the benefits extended to everyone – including the wage earners who pay taxes.

Luskin: Coops

The United Nations has declaired 2012 the International Year of the Coop. Deborah Luskin has been a member of one food coop or another for the past thirty-seven years.