Schubart: Free Information

There’s a phrase, "Information wants to be free" that’s still often heard in the world of new media technology. But Bill Schubart wonders how many authors, composers, or artists really want to give away the results of their creative endeavors.

Schubart: Transparency

In Vermont, we have a long tradition of mutual trust and belief in our own integrity. So when that reputation is tainted by governmental scandal we act surprised. Bill Schubart suggests that a culture of openness and transparency might preclude many such surprises.

Schubart: Contraindications

Contraindications are all those negative symptoms and side effects of diseases or drugs that are either in print too small to read or narrated too fast to understand. Bill Schubart has imagined America as an ailing patient and assesses our contraindications… slowly.

Schubart: Edifice Complexes

Bill Schubart, has been thinking about philanthropy, specifically who should benefit from major gifts – the donor or the recipient – and how this question applies to the future of our colleges and universities.

Schubart: News And Opinion

Bill Schubart recalls that his first experience in learning how to differentiate between opinion and hard news came early when the school he was attending was reported by a statewide newspaper to be a hive of Communist activity.

Schubart: Mission To Rome

The Catholic Church has been looking into the activities of certain American nuns who devote their service to the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of social justice. Bill Schubart was raised Catholic so he’s been imagining what it might be like if the nuns began an initiative of their own.