Dunsmore: Race Today

We are currently being inundated with election polls that often give conflicting information. But last weekend a poll was published that Barrie Dunsmore found to be particularly notable.

Dunsmore: October Suprise

America’s role in the world was a low priority subject at both political conventions. Yet as Barrie Dunsmore notes today, there’s still time for the world to force itself onto the election agenda before the November elections.

Dunsmore: Remembering Gore Vidal

In his thirty plus years as ABC News diplomatic and foreign correspondent, Barrie Dunsmore traveled with American presidents and secretaries of state and met many world leaders. He also had the good fortune to interact with an international cultural icon who died recently.

Dunsmore: Arafat Post Mortem

Ever since his death in 2004 there have been rumors that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat did not die of natural causes. As Barrie Dunsmore tells us, new information has come to light that suggests Arafat might have been poisoned.

Dunsmore: Egyptian Standoff

Even with the election of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi as the country’s first-ever freely elected civilian president, the Egyptian Revolution continues to look uncertain. Barrie Dunsmore reviews where things now stand.