Map and compass

When you’re hiking off the beaten track, there are lots of ways to figure out where you are, but commentator Alan Boye says that knowing where you are is sometimes less important than simply being there.

Eureka school

Vermont’s one-room school-houses are mostly gone now, but one of the last survivors has been restored as a museum, and commentator Alan Boye recently paid it a visit.

Morning star

Commentator Alan Boye thinks that greeting the sun on an early morning walk is one of the best ways to brighten up a late winter day.


Recently, commentator Alan Boye took a walk to find the northeast corner of Vermont. What he discovered there was a strange part of Vermont’s geography.

Memory train

The New Year’s holiday is a time for reflection on the past as well as an opportunity to make plans for the future. Commentator Alan Boye spent a recent evening walking whild contemplating this passing of time.

Sleigh Bells

Some holiday traditions are cultural, involving many people. Others are more individual. Commentator Alan Boye has a Christmas Eve tradition that falls into the personal category.

Building Trails

Before the deep snows arrive is the best time to work on the many cross country ski trails that criss-cross Vermont, and that’s just what commentator Alan Boye did on a recent weekend.