Public Photography & Privacy

VPR’s Jane Lindholm talks with author Frederick Lane and photographer Jerry Swope about the social mores of photographing people in public, and the extent to which individuals can control how and where they are photographed.

Privacy In Public Spaces

We discuss the ubiquity of cameras in public spaces, and the social and legal limits of being photographed in public. Also, what a New York regulatory decision means for Entergy’s plan to spin off the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

VT Edition: Internet Sex Crimes

VPR’s Jane Lindholm talks members of the Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children taskforce, Crimes Against Children Research Center and a computer forensics expert about how Internet sex crimes are detected and investigated.

The History Of Personal Privacy

Just how private are our individual lives?  How has our relationship with privacy changed through history?  We talk issues of privacy with author Frederick Lane.  Also, we hear from seniors who are writing their memoirs.