Campus Safety

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The University of Vermont’s
Chief of Police, Gary Margolis, has co-authored a report on how safe America’s
college campuses are. The study is in
response to the shootings at Virginia Tech more than a year ago. We talk to Margolis about the hi-tech gadgets
that campuses have adopted, his recommendations for campuses, and how schools
in Vermont are faring. (Listen)

Also, Monday is the first day in the murder trial of Brian
Rooney, the man accused of killing UVM student Michelle Gardener-Quinn in
October, 2006. We talk with Vermont Law
School professor Cheryl Hanna about
the challenges of defending high profile clients and assuring a fair trial. (Listen)

And, Gaye Symington is holding a press conference at 10 this
morning, when she is widely expected to announce her candidacy for
governor. VPR’s Bob Kinzel joins us for reaction and analysis of the
coming gubernatorial race. (Listen)


Email from Rachel in Hanover, NH-

For many years I was senior therapist in the counseling service of a
large university in New York. I chose to specialize working with
international students, a large and still growing group on many American
campuses. We found that a considerable number of these students needed
psychogical help as they struggle with unfamiliar stresses. Common
sources of stress include academic, financial, and relationship issues,
but feelings of shame, and the need to "save face" preclude many of these
students from seeking help. Campus safety nets need to be expanded to
reach them before they become suicidal or may even hurt others.


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