Vermont consumer rights case goes to Supreme Court

A Vermont woman is at the center of a U.S. Supreme Court case that could determine the rights of consumers to sue over dangerous products. The woman is Diana Levine, a musician who lost her right arm because of a medical disaster. VPR’s John Dillon has the story that leads from the back roads of Marshfield to the marble halls of the Supreme Court.

Campus Safety

The University of Vermont’s Chief of Police has co-authored a report on how safe America’s college campuses are. We talk with Gary Margolis about his findings. Also, we talk with Vermont Law School Professor Cheryl Hanna about the murder trial of Brian Rooney. And Gaye Symington makes a big political announcement.

Religious Clubs, the First Amendment and Public Schools

After-school clubs that include worship and Bible study straddle a fine line with the First Amendment. We talk about the current legal thinking on the issue. Also in the program, an increase in delinquent taxpayers in some Vermont towns heralds tough times. And we take a backstage look at the 2008 auditions for spots in summer theaters and films in Vermont and upstate New York.