Vermont Reads: Robert Frost – The Legacy

Until recently, if you asked someone what they knew about Robert Frost, they might describe seeing him on television, his white hair ruffled by the wind at JFK’s inauguration. Or they might recall a poem of his they had learned in school. And to Middlebury professor of English John Elder, that’s a good indication of Frost’s legacy.

Vermont Reads: Robert Frost – Conflict & Contradiction

Frost’s poems appear simple and accessible through his use of natural imagery and every-day speech. But, they are complex in both structure and meaning. Likewise, Frost’s life – on the surface – appeared to be that of a fairly simple man. in fact, his life – as a poet, farmer and teacher – was full of conflict and contradiction.

Vermont Reads 2008: Robert Frost

Listen to VPR’s a five-part series on Robert Frost.  Hear interviews with scholars and readings from Frost’s work.  Presented in collaboration with The Vermont Humanities Council’s Vermont Reads program. 

Vermont Reads: Robert Frost – Family Life

One of Robert Frost’s books of poetry is titled North of Boston. And just as his poetry is full of references to the region, so too is the region full of reminders of his life here. Author Natalie Bober and Frost’s grandaughter Robin Fraser Hudnut talk of his family life in New England.

Robert Frost’s Life in New England

We learn more about Robert Frost’s life and writings in Vermont and New Hampshire. Then we visit with bestselling Barre author Jennifer McMahon, and we travel to Greensboro, where writer Wallace Stegner summered for more than 50 years.